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Tri Cycle Sports Reading Grand Prix 2015

Event Report:

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Stephen Bradbury tops the podium following the National Endurance League event
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Eamonn Byrne beating Burton in the National Sprint League final
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Janet Birkmyre crossing the line first paced by Graham Bristow
Photos: Courtesy Neville Styles Photography

The Three 'B's' big winners at Reading GP

Stephen Bradbury, Ireland's Eamonn Byrne and Janet Birkmyre claimed the feature events at the Reading Grand Prix track meet at Palmer Park which attracted top quality fields for its fifth staging. Bradbury took the National Endurance League event in a tight finish from John McClelland and Brendan Drewett, with series leader Alistair Rutherford in fourth.

It landed the former Palmer Park Velo rider with a generous prize from race sponsor RaceWare Direct, but it was not his only win. Bradbury also took a competitive Devil and was in a Reading Track League select combination which won the team pursuit.

Byrne, coached by last year's winner Pete Mitchell, made his long trip worthwhile by winning the National Sprinters League final from Luke Burton, but was pipped for the double in the Keirin by Jack Payne of Sportscity Velo.

The other main feature race saw a superb victory for the evergreen Birkmyre in the women's only derny race over 15km. Cleverly paced by Graham Bristow, she showed all her experience to hold off Ellie Coster with Madeline Moore in third. When Coster, paced by Tony Hibbert, took it up in the closing stages Birkmyre looked in trouble, but she battled back to retake the lead and stay clear. Moore, with Ollie Hitchings, rallied late to finish just behind Coster.

There was consolation for Team USN's Coster, who has switched to more endurance based events, when she took the women's only scratch race from Birkmyre.

But the Keirin final went to Moore ahead of Coster and birthday girl Niki Kovacs.

Ollie Moores (Project 51) tuned up for the following Sunday's National Derny Championships at Herne Hill with victory in the men's short scratch race, while Rutherford took the points race ahead of Vojtech Blazejovsky.

The Reading GP is promoted by Tricyclesports.co.uk, with generous support from AW Cycles, RaceWare Direct and Reading Velodrome Racing.

Full Programme Results

National Sprinters League

200m qualifying times:

Matthew Roper (Black Line) 11.87 seconds
Eamonn Byrne (Ireland) 11.97
Andrew Leveton (VC St Raphael) 12.16
Jack Payne (Sportscity Velo) 12.22
Luke Burton (Black Line) 12.38
Cameron Thompson (Performance Cycle Coaching) 12.39
Seb Horner (Black Line) 12.97
James Brightwell (Black Line) 13.04
Joshua Dunham (Team Swift) 13.10
Ash Ellis (Black Line) 13.12
Jonathan Carr (Bournemouth Arrow) 13.13
Tomascz Derezynski (GS Henley) 13.19

non qualifiers:

Amber Joseph (Palmer Park Velo) 13.47
Jamie Streather (VC St Raphael) 13.53

National Sprinters League First Round

Heat One: Roper beat Derezynski
Heat Two: Byrne beat Carr
Heat Three: Leveton beat Ellis
Heat Four: Payne beat Dunham
Heat Five: Burton beat Brightwell
Heat Six: Thompson beat Horner

National Sprinters League First Round Reps

Heat One: Derezynski beat Carr and Horner
Heat Two: Dunham beat Ellis and Brightwell

National Sprinters League Second Round

Heat One: Roper beat Derezynski
Heat Two: Byrne beat Dunham
Heat Three: Leveton beat Thompson
Heat Four: Payne beat Burton

National Sprinters League semi-finals

Heat One: Burton beat Roper
Heat Two: Byrne beat Leveton

National Sprinters League finals

3rd/4th: Roper beat Leveton

Final: Byrne beat Burton

Minor Final:
5th: Payne
6th: Thompson
7th: Derezynski
8th: Dunham

B Sprint Final:

1st: Horner
2nd: Brightwell
3rd: Ellis

RaceWare Direct Reading GP (National Endurance League) (20k)

1st: Stephen Bradbury (Velosure Stanley Primal)
2nd: John McClelland (Bush Healthcare CRT)
3rd: Brendan Drewett (Fareham Wheelers)
4th: Alistair Rutherford (The Nab Racing)
5th: James Notley (Mammoth Lifestyle RT)
6th: Zak Loney (Team LFH)

Central Division Championships

1st: Bradbury
2nd Michael Mottram (Spokes of Bagshot)
3rd: Alex Pierce (Willesden)

Women's Only Derny Race:

Heat One: (5k)

1st: Ellie Coster (Team USN)
2nd: Madeline Moore (VC St Raphael)
3rd: Laura Cheeseman (Velosure Stanley Primal)
4th Christine Robson (VC Londres)

Heat Two:

1st: Niki Kovacs (Team Mulebar Girl - Sigma Sport)
2nd: Janet Birkmyre (TORQ Performance)
3rd: Jennifer Allum (PMR@Toachim House)

Final (15k)

1st: Birkmyre (Graham Bristow)
2nd: Coster (Tony Hibbert)
3rd: Moore (Ollie Hitchings
4th: Kovacs (Pip Taylor)
5th: Cheeseman (Tim Read)

12 Laps Scratch Race:

1st: Ollie Moors (Project 51)
2nd: Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijden)
3rd: Zak Loney (Team LFH)
4th: Brendan Drewett (Fareham Wheelers)
5th: John McClleland (Bush Healthcare CRT)
6th: James Notley (Mammoth Lifestyle RT)

12 laps Points Race:

1st: Alistair Rutherford (The Nab Racing)
2nd: Michael Mottram (Spokes of Bagshot)
3rd: Vojtech Blazejovsky (Brixton Cycles)
4th: Lewis Martin (Eden Veranda Racing)
5th: Jason Streather (VC St Raphael)
6th: Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijden)

Devil Take the Hindmost:

1st: Stephen Bradbury (Velosure Stanley Primal)
2nd: Michael Mottram (Spokes of Bagshot)
3rd: Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijden)

Men's Team Pursuit (4k - 9 laps)

1st: Reading Track League Select: (Neil Rutter, Stephen Bradbury, Frazier Carr, Michael Mottram) 5 mins 02.05
2nd: GS Henley (Nick Cammell, Paul Elcock, Rob King, Tomasz Derezynski) 5.18.49
3rd: VC St Raphael: (Jamie Streather, Jason Streather, Andrew Leveton, Ollie Hitchings 5.21.09
4th: Herne Hill Select (Vojtech Blazejovsky, Jennifer Allum, Christine Robson 6.00.10

Central Division Championships

1st: GS Henley

RaceWare Direct Women's Only Scratch Race: (8k)

1st: Ellie Coster (Team USN)
2nd: Janet Birkmyre (TORQ Performance)
3rd: Amber Joseph (Palmer Park Velo)
4th: Christine Robson (VC Londres)
5th: Laura Cheeseman (Velosure Stanley Primal)
6th: Niki Kovacs (Team Mulebar Girl - Sigma Sport)

Men's Keirin:

Heat One: (qualifiers)

Thompson and Dunham

Heat Two:

Byrne and Blazejovsky

Heat Three:

Payne and Mottram


1st: Payne
2nd: Byrne
3rd: Thompson

Women's Keirin Final

1st: Moore
2nd: Coster
3rd: Kovacs

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