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Tri Cycle Sports Reading Grand Prix 2016
Palmer Park Stadium, Saturday July 23

Event Report:

This was the sixth staging of the Reading Grand Prix at Palmer Park Velodrome, with the usual mix of sprinting and endurance events and good prizes. The event is promoted by Tricyclesports.co.uk, with generous support from AW Cycles, RaceWare Direct and Reading Velodrome Racing.

Full Programme Results

National Sprinters League (Flying 200m)
1) Barnaby Swinnerton (Swinnerton Cycles) 11.53
2) Barnaby Davies 11.53
3) Albin Geneix (SES Racing) 11.65
4) Andrew Leveton (VC St Raphael) 11.84
5) Luke Burton (Black Line Racing) 11.89
6) Ash Ellis (Black Line Racing) 12.70
7) Madeline Moore (TORQ Performance) 13.07
8) Chloe James (Black Line Racing) 13.31
9) Dan Lovatt (Bournemouth Arrow) 13.38

First round (Byes Swinnerton, Davies, Geneix)
Ht1: Leveton beat Lovatt
Ht 2: Burton beat James
Ht 3 Ellis beat Moore

Second Round
Ht 1: Swinnerton beat James
Ht 2: Davies beat Moore
Ht3: Geneix beat Ellis
Ht4: Burton beat Leveton

Ht1: Swinnerton beat Burton
Ht2: Geneix beat Davies

Minor final
5th Leveton
6th Moore
7th Ellis
8th James

3rd/4th final
Burton beat Davies

Geneix beat Swinnerton

12 Lap Scratch race
1) Frazier Carr (RP Vision Racing)
3) Andy Shackel (Team Wiggle)
3) Frank Kilsby (VC St Raphael)
4) James Farrington (Avenista Racing)
5) Jason Streather (VC St Raphael)
6) Vojtech Blazevosky) (PMR@Toachim House)

12 lap Points Race
1) Shackel
2) Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijen)
3) Blazejovsky
4) Lewis Martin (Eden Veranda Racing)
5) Farrington
6) Nathan Huynh (Cotswold Veldrijen)

Team Pursuit (9 laps)
1) Reading Track League Select (Carr, Rutter, Rob King, Shackel)
2) VC St. Raphael (Streather, Alex Leek, Kilsby)
3) VC St Raphael (Ollie Hitchings, Emma Sainsbury-Munn, Jo Buckland, Emma Pitt)

Central Division Championships
1) Willesden CC (Tom Zittel, Alex Pierce, Daryl Lusardi, Connor Woodford)
2) Twickenham CC (Gavin Mitchell, Stephen Campbell, David Matour)

Raceware Direct Reading GP (20k)
1) Carr
2) Shackel
3) Farrington
4) Martin
5) Blazejovsky
6) Rutter

Central Division Champs
1) Carr
2) Rob King
3) Campbell
4) Nick Cammell (GS Henley)
5) Mitchell

Raceware Direct Reading GP Women's race (12 laps)
1) Amber Joseph (PMR@Toachim House)
2) Ellie Coster (Team USN)
3) Niki Kovacs (Brixton Cycles)
4) Molly Haycock (Bournemouth Arrow)
5) Jennifer Allum (PME@Toachim House)
6) Madeline Moore (TPRQ Performance)

Women's Only Derny Race
Ht 1:
1: Allum - Pacer: Tim Read
2) Kovacs - Pip Taylor
3) Janet Birkmyre (TORQ Performance) - Graham Bristow
4) Emma Pitt (VC St Raphae) - Ollie Hitchings
5) Jo Buckland (VC St Raphae) - Chris Boulton

Ht 2:
1) Joseph - John Wann
2) Coster - Pip Taylor
3) Moore - Tm Read
4) Haycock - Tony King
5) Emma Sainsbury-Nunn - Graham Bristow

1) Birkmyre - Bristow
2) Moore - King
3) Allum - Read
4) Kovacs - Taylor
5) Joseph - Wann
6) Coster - Hitchings

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